Пиво Hop Head Маракуйя DIPA (Passionfruit DIPA) (Банка 0,5)

Артикул: 2730
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Товар распродан
Love rules the world. And the hypnotoad, of course.Passionfruit had received its name after an affectionate name of a Spanish girl who was brought to South America by her father and fell in love with a guy from a local tribe Guarani. The farther didn’t approve of their love and killed the young man shooting several arrows at him. In despair the girl pierced her heart with one of those arrows and as the life was leaving her, the arrow became a beautiful flower.The exotic aroma was floating in our brewery, and we decided that such a love story deserves a strong double IPA rich in various hops, such as Cascade, Summit, Simcoe, to be brewed in the name of it. “Passionfruit” would attract both those who like bitterness of beer, and those who like the sweetness of lollypop...And the hypnotoad, of course. Special ingredients: passionfruit.
Hop Head
IPA - Fruited
Алкоголь (ABV)
Горечь (IBU)
Банка 0,5
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